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Brains & Hammers Bungalow City is of moderately priced homes – in a distinct neighborhood – all built to the standard of Brains & Hammers Estates, and complete with all modern essential facilities and amenities including Access Road, Interlock Walkways, Street Lights, Green Areas, Schools, Shopping Malls, Banks, Filling Stations, Police Stations, Fire Service, Farmers Markets, Abattoir, Sport Complex. The estate comprises a total of four bungalow house types including 1-bedroom in rows of six, 2-bedroom I rows of four, 3-bedroom semi-detached &3-bedroom detached with space for BQ all surrounded by picket fences, situated along Kubwa expressway, Behind Mobile Police Barracks. An area most serene and evergreen with a beautiful view of mountains and hills. Brains and Hammers Affordable Bungalow City, promises to be More Luxury for less.


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