We are a new type of player in the Real Estate space focused on providing end - end solutions for all stakeholders. While there is no doubt about the enormous potential of the Real Estate market or its size, with at least 17 million housing deficit, the market is still at a nascent stage. There is a huge gulf between the key stakeholders which are the Developers, Financiers (Banks) and Buyers (off takers). The developers are building houses that the off takers cannot afford while the cost and terms of finance are often out of the reach of the ordinary buyer.
Our mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between offtakers, developers and financiers via innovative solutions for these stakeholders.

We provide advisory services to developers on what to build, where to build and how much to sell. For off takers we group them and link them with credible developers, who have good properties at prices that are affordable and who have built a reputation for delivery. When we go to the financial institutions, we go there with eligible off takers (who move their salary accounts to the bank), a property with a good title and a credible developer, a complete package. For Individual and Corporate Investors, we advise you on what to buy, where, when and most importantly how (and when) to sell to ensure a good return on investment.

The founders of Modern Shelter have a combined experience of over 50 years in Real Estate, Banking and Law. We bring our various experiences to bear in providing our clients with innovative solutions to all their myriad of needs. We leverage on our vast industry knowledge to get the best deals for all our stakeholders.

Our customers are the reason for our being; meeting and exceeding customer expectations is what we are all about. We leveraged on technology to provide a one stop shop for our stakeholders. The developers showcase their properties on our website, while the financiers advertise their mortgage products on the same platform. The offtakers are then able to get on website from the comfort of their offices, use the repayment calculator to determine which houses they qualify for and choose which bank they want to use from our partner banks to access a mortgage. All the necessary forms are be filled online and our agents then process the mortgages at 0% equity contribution (for some schemes). Indeed for the offtakers, their homes would literally be 'just a signature away'

Our ultimate goal and vision is to make home acquisition as easy as practicable for as many as possible, while giving handsome returns to developers and quality assets for financiers. A win - win - win solution